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Over 100 Million Americans lack dental insurance.

Everyday, people in our communities go untreated for dental concerns, simply because they can’t afford it.
Dental Non-Profits, Dental Charities and Organizations around the country are doing amazing work.

However, they are often under funded and don’t receive
the awareness their efforts deserve. With RootsCause, this changes.

Discover all the amazing efforts being done
in your community for children, expectant mothers,
homeless and elderly individuals.

Sleek and stunning, we created our
toothbrushes with a minimalist design to support
sustainable engineering and reduce waste.

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Dental Charity Spotlight

You know those people you meet and they
immediately have an impact on your life?
Meet Dr. Kris Volcheck.



Tumbleweed helps homeless and
runaway youth ages 12-25 by getting
them off the street, teaching life skills,
and encouraging the development
and pursuit of life goals.


St. Vincent de Paul

A lot of people aren’t aware
of the clinics and other services
St. Vincent de Paul offers to
the underprivileged.


"I love RootsCause. As a non-profit, I love them, everything they do is awesome."

-Dr. Kris Volcheck

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