4 Ways to Have a Strong Online Presence

How can a small business owner, say a dental practice, thrive in this ever changing climate of information overload and self-proclaimed experts?

With Google, everyone is an expert these days, leaving the true experts with a degree behind their name almost obsolete. Money is precious, time even more so.

In a world of smart phones and insta everything, it’s no wonder that the landscape of business has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. Consumers are used to looking up reviews, having the best of the best at their fingertips and expect top of the line service.

Social media, websites and consumer reviews are a Millennial’s “go to” these days to decide who gets to have their business. “Gets to have” being the key phrase here. They want to be wooed, won over and have top notch service for little to no price.

Considering that the Millennial generation is the bulk of adults, that should be where the focus is. Millennials are comprised of everyone who has been born in the early 1980’s all the way to early 2000’s. That puts them into the 16-37 age range which, according to Pew Research Center, is now America’s largest generation.

What does this mean for small business owners? If you didn’t have a strong online presence, now is the time to do so. The majority of consumers, which are Millennials, are visual, impatient, and deal crazy.

Here are 4 ways to help boost your online presence as a business:

  1. Make a happenin’ Facebook page that allows reviews and post on it regularly. We’re talking free marketing for your practice. If you’re really feeling ambitious, Facebook Ads are the way to go with customizable audiences. Everyone is on Facebook, why not meet them where they are at?
  2. Give incentives to patients for posting an online review. This doesn’t have to be big. Some examples could be a monthly raffle for a gift card or even a few freebies. Reviews are key to potential patients choosing you over another dentist. The first thing consumers do before they buy anything in today’s world is research the reviews. This will of course be incentive to your staff to up their customer service game.
  3. Have a pleasing and attractive website that highlights the best features about your practice. (check out this article by Entrepreneur about the 6 Top Professional Website Builders for Small Businesses). This is your chance to control what is out there about you on the internet. Have a niche or specialty? Time to broadcast it and make the information you want your potential patients to see easy to find.
  4. Incorporate technology – the sky is the limit here. Whether it’s providing an online patient portal that your patients can access to check their account status, offering free Wi-Fi, and/or creating an app for your practice to make the experience that much easier for your patients, it’s worth the investment.

These few additions/ tweaks could benefit your practice greatly! Spreading the words means possible new dental patients. One thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to get online crazy and be on every social media and review site out there. Find what works best for your business and focus on providing quality in those places; quality and consistently speak louder than quantity any day.