Donated Toothbrushes to Sunshine Acres

By Brianna Collier | October 24, 2017
Sunshine Acres-3

Sunshine Acres, a charity featured on our website, reached their donation goal last week and it was our privilege to deliver their donated toothbrushes to them. We were particularly touched by their story as I’m sure you will be as well. Since their start in 1954 they’ve been home to more than 1,600 children. Their…

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How Your Practice Can Stand Out From The Crowd – Dental Tips

By Matt Kuvakos | July 12, 2017
Dental Tips

Imagine a world where everything was the same and your choices were made for you. As you walked down the street every building was the identical shape, size, and color. Every restaurant had only one menu with one choice, a pile of grey tasteless mush filled with your daily nutrients. As you look around everyone…

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3 Ways You are Driving Patients Away and How to Stop

By Brianna Collier | June 21, 2017
Driving away patients 2

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers. First impressions are everything. Is your staff friendly? Do you have speedy service? Do you go above and beyond for your patients? All of these factors and more have an impact on the type of impression you leave on a…

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4 Ways to Have a Strong Online Presence

By Brianna Collier | June 12, 2017
4 Ways to Have a Strong

How can a small business owner, say a dental practice, thrive in this ever changing climate of information overload and self-proclaimed experts? With Google, everyone is an expert these days, leaving the true experts with a degree behind their name almost obsolete. Money is precious, time even more so. In a world of smart phones…

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Why Branding is Important for Dentists

By Matt Kuvakos | May 23, 2017
Why Branding is Important for Dentists

Believe it or not, all dentists are not created equal. Every dental practice is unique, but this is overlooked by most patients when looking for a new dentist. Why? Well, because like with most businesses, if you don’t stand out, then you’re only another face in a crowd of millions. To have a successful brand…

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Charity Spotlight – St. Vincent de Paul

By Brianna Collier | June 14, 2016
st. vincent de paul

Widely known for their turkey dinners, a lot of people aren’t aware of the clinics and other services St. Vincent de Paul offers to the underprivileged. St. Vincent de Paul has over 10,000 visits a year between their dental and medical clinics. In addition to offering dental and medical services to those that can’t afford…

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Charity Spotlight – Esperanca

By Brianna Collier | May 31, 2016

Esperanca is an organization that makes education a priority. It’s their greatest impact on the community and something they have endeavored to improve throughout their existence. In the next year, their goal is to provide basic oral health education to 4,000 children and 400 adults in addition to expanding their education curriculum. They take a multi-faceted approach…

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Charity Spotlight – NOAH

By Brianna Collier | May 17, 2016
NOAH copy

Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health, or affectionately known as NOAH, is doing fantastic things in the community! NOAH has several locations across the Phoenix valley and robust connections in the health community. One thing that makes these guys stand out is their connection with Honor Health as well as many non-profits in the community. If…

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Charity Spotlight – The Flying Samaritans

By Brianna Collier | May 9, 2016

We had the privilege of interviewing Sherry Cline from the Flying Samaritans Arizona Chapter this week and can’t get enough of these guys! 100% volunteer operated, they literally pay their way to go and help people in need. They get their name from flying in to remote areas of Mexico and Baja California to help…

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Dental Charity Spotlight – CASS and Parsons

By Brianna Collier | March 31, 2016
RootsCause at CASS

You know those people you meet and they immediately have an impact on your life? Meet Dr. Kris Volcheck:   We had the privilege of meeting the director of the CASS Dental Clinic March 30th. Initially, we imagined this as a nice, quaint, dental charity clinic serving the underprivileged (which would have been great!). What we encountered…

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