Charity Spotlight – Esperanca

Esperanca is an organization that makes education a priority. It’s their greatest impact on the community and something they have endeavored to improve throughout their existence. In the next year, their goal is to provide basic oral health education to 4,000 children and 400 adults in addition to expanding their education curriculum.

They take a multi-faceted approach to the education they provide to families incorporating various aspects of what it looks like to lead a healthy life. Their education includes many things we may take for granted like what age a child is old enough to brush their own teeth, how to clean teeth properly, as well as basic gardening, home health and importance of good nutrition.

Originally starting off on a 2 year grant, Esperanca’s Phoenix location has been around for 16 years. However, Esperanca, or Global Health, started in Brazil 45 years ago and has many international programs. In addition to their US program, they provide health education and training, volunteer surgical services, clean water and sanitation, home building and improvement, and disease prevention and treatment.

Hoping to see a decrease in decay and an increase in brushing and flossing, Esperanca works with ASU on an evidence based program. They’ve published pre-post studies on how their education programs influence behaviors for those that go through them. Generally, improvement is seen for those that receive nutrition and oral health education at Esperanca and they’ve spoken at several public health conferences.

Esperanca would love to prevent children from ever suffering from basic illnesses. Esperanca is one of the causes featured on RootsCause and you can donate toothbrushes to help aid their oral health program through your own purchase of brushes through our website – just select their name at checkout. To learn more about Esperanca, you can visit their website here.