Charity Spotlight – The Flying Samaritans

We had the privilege of interviewing Sherry Cline from the Flying Samaritans Arizona Chapter this week and can’t get enough of these guys!

100% volunteer operated, they literally pay their way to go and help people in need. They get their name from flying in to remote areas of Mexico and Baja California to help the people there who are 140 miles from any medical and dental services.

Sherry shares a story from her time with Flying Samaritans that we found encompasses what this amazing organization does to a “T.”

“About 2 months ago we had been treating a child who is 11 with Cerebral Palsy. Because of the limited area and service, he would show up in a cheap stroller that his family rolled him around in. He was able to come to our clinic, where we had a student from ASU who was from Germany who was helping us. Come to find out, she was a Physical Therapist and was able to work with him for a few hours and relieve some of his pain and rigidity. We were able to give him a high end wheelchair to replace the cheap stroller he was using. He also had vision problems and we were able to get an Ophthalmologist down there to give him glasses. Because of donations we were able to give him high end hearing aids to help with his hearing problems. Just to see the smile on his face and hear his mom’s voice, it was just amazing.”

One thing we love about the Flying Samaritans is that they help the whole family with all needs as they are able. What makes them able to help the whole family is through donations – they are 100% non-profit and operate completely off of donations. Volunteers save their money to afford the trips to their few clinics. The clinic in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Baja California has a dental area with 6 chairs, a chiropractic area, medical exam rooms, OB/GYN and other misc medical services.

The Flying Samaritans want to be able to do their dental sealant program twice a year and have both their dental clinics running 10 months out of the year.




Los Amigos Chapter, A.K.A. the Phoenix Chapter, started in 1990 and has grown from 7 to over 300 volunteers. They travel to Baja, California 10 months every year to provide care for up to 350 patients each month.

Truly remarkable, they are making a huge difference in the world around them. To find out more about the Flying Samaritans, visit their website here. You can aid their dental program by selecting The Flying Samaritans for the donation recipient when you buy toothbrushes with RootsCause.