Open Charities

  • A Broader Future, Inc

    The purpose of the project is to provide basic everyday essentials to at risk youth in need. By purchasing and storing hygiene products to distribute to school aged youth. The program will also teach clients the importance of hygiene, health and wellness that will lead to healthier ways of living which will improve their quality of life.

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    P: (910) 286-7873

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  • A.T. Still University

    A.T. Still University of Health Sciences serves as a learning-centered university dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals through innovative academic programs with a commitment to continue its osteopathic heritage and focus on whole person healthcare, scholarship, community health, interprofessional education, diversity, and underserved populations. It is a non-profit university that has different disciplines.

    The mission of the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health is to educate caring, technologically adept dentists who become community and educational leaders serving those in need. Dental students serve the community at events providing oral health education to at risk populations.

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    P: (480) 219-6084

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  • Accompanied by God’s Love, Inc

    Beginning June 13, AGL will provide “Ego bags” for homeless individuals. The bags contain healthy snack items, water, personal care items, and resources. Ego bags will be distributed once a week.

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    P: (713) 483-0009

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  • Angels on Patrol, Inc.

    The mission of Angels on Patrol is providing resources to families and children in need as identified by police officers.

    Angels on Patrol’s vision is to engage law enforcement in community solutions.

    The current goals of Angels on Patrol are to: 1) Assist families in crisis to get back on their feet; 2) Provide at-risk youth with enrichment opportunities to encourage healthy life choices; 3) Enhance public perception of law enforcement; and 4) Offer law enforcement the opportunity to assist with after-crisis support.

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    P: (602) 541-4529

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  • Arkansas Oral Health Zone – America’s ToothFairy

    The Arkansas Oral Health Zone believes that every child deserves access to dental health care and oral health education. We help kids get what they need, by collaborating with ongoing oral health initiatives, schools, communities, and health professionals to prevent and reduce dental disease in Arkansas children, especially the uninsured and underserved. We work in community, to increase the number of underserved children who receive preventative dental services, and ensure that they are connected to a dental home. We raise awareness and increase understanding of dental disease as a significant public health issue among children in Arkansas. We are always working to build a network of trained oral health educators and champions in Arkansas working to end suffering from preventable childhood dental disease.

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    P: (479) 200-0642

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  • Bellmore Lions Charitable Foundation

    Dear Friend:

    You can make a difference to children in need this holiday season─ just hop Aboard the Polar Express!

    On December 9, 2017, The Bellmore Lions of MD, 20K-2 New York and Bermuda will host and sponsor the Annual Holiday Party for Children at Brookside School, North Merrick N.Y. This year’s theme is “All Aboard the Polar Express,” and with your help we will bring the magic of the holiday season to children in need throughout Nassau County, many who are homeless, living in shelters or are suffering from special needs.

    Each child at the event will receive a special Polar Express Pass to visit various “stations” during the party that include a food and beverage station, a craft workshop station, a game station, and of course a North Pole Station where they will meet and visit with Santa and receive a special gift and souvenir picture!

    We distribute personal hygiene products to all attendees.

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    P: (516) 783-1471

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  • Beverly’s Birthdays

    Beverly’s Birthdays’ is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that provides birthday celebrations for children experiencing homelessness and families in need. We spread joy, laughter, cheer, and most importantly, we create positive memories for these children and their families.

    Beverly’s Birthdays enriches the lives of the children we serve by making sure they are remembered on their special day. We believe in spreading birthday cheer 365 days a year and that every child, regardless of personal or financial circumstances deserves a special birthday.

    Every cheer basket given to a child includes a coloring book, crayons, toothpaste, toothbrush, reading book, snack, and a special gift chosen specifically for them. As a non-profit, we run solely based on financial and in-kind donations. Your connection and donation would help us continue to provide for the children we serve and expand our outreach to those who deserve our services.

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    P: (724) 590-5106

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  • Bridges to Health

    Bridges to Health is a 501 (c) 3 charitable clinic that opened in 2005 to serve Grant County, IN residents. Our mission is to provide primary health and dental care to individuals who lack adequate resources and to provide educational services to empower those individuals to lead healthier lives in the Grant County community. Summarily, none of the patients at Bridges to Health have health insurance and their income falls up to 300 percent of federal poverty level. Over the past 13 years we have grown dramatically in our service offerings, and have been the gateway to better health for over 3800 individuals in Grant County. We have seen how a relationship with a primary care physician, access to preventative care and health education and medications can be life changing for individuals who have fallen through the cracks of our health care system.

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    P: (765) 662-7289

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  • Bridging the Dental Gap

    Bridging the Dental Gap is a non-profit 501(c)3 community dental clinic with a mission to improve access to dental care for Medicaid, uninsured, under-insured, and low income members of the community.

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    P: 701-221-0518

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  • Building Resilient Families

    We at Building Resilient Families work with families that are in need. We provide family support and help families get back on their feet. BRF also assists parents with parenting classes, how to guide them in how to guide their children and train parents on how to train children about the importance of hygiene especially oral. We do have about 160 families in need.

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    P: (602) 550-3167

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  • CASS Dental Clinic for the Homeless

    The CASS Dental Clinic’s priority is to provide quality, comprehensive dental care to children, families and adults within the homeless population. We accomplish this by using the talents of our many hundreds of volunteers and students.

    Within this clinic we house the following programs: Children’s Dental Clinic Program, Homeless Veteran’s Dental Program, CASS School of Dental Assisting, and the Children’s Dental Clinic serving the Murphy Community.

    Today the CASS Dental Clinic is one of the largest volunteer dental clinics in the nation offering comprehensive dentistry for the homeless.

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    P: 602-256-6945

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  • Community Residences, Inc.

    Community Residences (CR) is on a mission to deliver hopes and dreams to at-risk youth and people with mental health needs or developmental disabilities by creating personalized programs and services. The majority of individuals supported by CR have Medicaid, which provides limited oral health care services. Because of this, many of the people we support are at an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and periodontal disease. As noted in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in May 2016, poor oral health has significant impacts on quality of life for people with serious mental illness and can lead to heightened isolation, social withdrawal, and low self-esteem. Each day, CR staff sees firsthand the consequences of insufficient oral health care that leads to pain, discomfort, and additional stress for those in need. Donations of toothbrushes would make a tremendous, positive, and healthy impact on the 1,000+ individuals and families we support each year.

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    P: (703) 842-2341

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  • Convoy of Hope – Marietta

    Convoy of Hope brings together the community in order to serve those in need. Convoy of Hope serves guests of honor – in dozens of communities throughout the world – by providing them with free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, meals and much more at our community events. Every toothbrush donated touches a life – and with the help of RootsCause, we are able to provide thousands of people with the means to preventive dental care.

    Hope Starts Here.

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    P: (615) 519-5601

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  • El Rio Community Health Center

    El Rio Community Health Center offers a Preventive Dental Program that provides oral hygiene instruction, nutritional counseling, and fluoride varnish treatment for children. Our team of 10 registered dental hygienists each have one, four hour session per week and see over 2,000 children annually. El Rio Dental offers this service in El Rio Pediatric Medical waiting areas with the ultimate intention of identifying families without a dental home and offering to help them establish a dental home.

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    P: (520) 309-3121

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  • Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

    Our health department is beginning an education program involving youth in our service area. We are targeting children in child care centers, WIC participants and their children, Head start centers, Preschools, as well as Elementary schools to demonstrate and teach how to properly brush their teeth with the use of video aids and props. We wish to be able to distribute toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other oral health materials to all children but due to the large numbers of children we see and limited funds we unfortunately are unable at this time. If you would be able to provide a donation of toothbrushes in any size it would greatly help our cause. We are also conducting these demonstrations and educational presentations in Spanish and Somalian to serve our refugee and immigrant population and families as well. Again, any donation would be greatly beneficial.

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    P: (402) 529-2233

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  • First Baptist Church of Zanesville

    Each month, the church partners with Eastside Ministry of Zanesville, OH in hosting a free produce market for underprivileged families. On average, we serve 250 families. At the June 30, 2017 market, we would like to offer each family a gift of tooth brushes (goal is 4 per family) as well as toothpaste and other hygiene products. There will be no cost to the recipient.

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    P: (740) 452-1620

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  • Friends of Barnabas

    As a part of Friends of Barnabas’ Community Health Development Program thirty remote mountain communities in the Lago de Yojoa area of Honduras are chosen to receive medical services and education . Each community must meet criteria such as how far they are from a health care facility, lack of safe water or sanitary systems, whether they have been served by other aid organizations, and safe access. All communities must demonstrate a commitment to participating in health education and agree to a formal partnership.

    Communities receive general health care from medical teams twice a year, including general check ups, vision and dental care, vitamin distribution, fluoride, and anti-parasite treatments, and referrals to other FOB services.

    In exchange for medical treatment received, communities participate in health related training and educational workshops on nutrition, reproductive health, hygiene, and malaria prevention.

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    P: (804) 744-5624

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  • From Your Father Inc.

    This experience is where we bring the churches, businesses, middle Tennessee community members and those in need together for a day of food, fun, and fellowship. This experience is designed to show the vulnerable individuals in our community that they are not excess baggage but loved and cared for. We provide them with a free meal, and supplies to take with them before the hard winter months begin, free haircuts, health screenings and more. The supply bags they receive include a personal love note, toothbrushes, socks, blankets, Carmex, shampoo, soap, gloves, scarves, hand warmers and more. They also have an opportunity to write down their prayer requests and have someone pray for them confidentially. Our impact through this event is not only seen in the lives of individuals we serve, but we impact the lives of the bystanders in the park who see the love being shared during this day. Regardless of race, gender, economic status we all speak the universal language of “love.”

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    P: (615) 926-1133

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  • Give Back

    Members of the Springfield Township Education Association in Montgomery County are preparing to launch a community action project in early Spring in which they will be hand delivering donation bags filled with toiletries and essential items to homeless communities in the Philadelphia area. The project is being launched to bring educators together around a positive, uplifting event to help underprivileged communities feel supported.
    (our website isn’t completed yet.) We are all teachers in Springfield trying to give back.

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    P: (267) 626-1246

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  • Global Health

    Oral health education is given in conjunction with our community partner sites at community centers, schools, Head Starts, local dental clinics, and other community groups. We teach parents and children about the importance of daily brushing and flossing, how to prevent cavities through proper oral hygiene and diet changes, and how moms and dads can prepare their babies for strong and healthy teeth. All workshops are evidence-based, highly interactive and culturally-sensitive. We reach families with children ranging in ages 0-17. Participants receive oral health kits which include an age-appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.

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    P: (602) 252-7772

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  • Good Samaritan Clinic

    The Good Samaritan Clinic provides free medical and dental services for the residents of West Volusia County, ages 18-64, who are uninsured and have an income of 200% of poverty level or below. We have over 3,000 patient charts and these patients have generated 12,000+ patient visits in 11 years. These figures include the homeless, poor and working poor without insurance benefits who qualify.

    Our volunteer staff includes: physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, dental assistants, hygienists, and clerical personnel. We are in need of more toothbrushes and we would be honored to receive some via the RootsCause program.

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    P: 386-738-6990

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  • Gospel Rescue Mission

    We operate centers for homeless men, and homeless women and women with children, and we also serve the local working poor community. Much of our supplies were lost in a recent fire, and we are looking to replenish.

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    P: (520) 740-1501

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  • Hamilton Heights Youth Assistance

    Hamilton Heights Youth Assistance Program is a 501(c)(3) organization that acts as a connector of services for families in need. Our goal is to help families in any way that we can. We offer programming and support for families with children ages 3-17.5 years old. We have a hygiene initiative and are requesting toothbrushes to include in hygiene bags that will be distributed throughout the school year.

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    P: (317) 402-6753

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  • Head Start of Wyandotte County, Kansas

    Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Kansas work to strengthen early learning programs through advocacy, education and leadership. It is part of our Head Start Standards that the children brush their teeth and learn about oral hygiene every day.

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    P: (913) 627-2673

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  • Hearts for the Homeless

    Hearts for the Homeless of Western New York, Inc. is a mobile soup kitchen that feeds the poor and homeless on the street, characterized by a profound spiritual motivation. The program offers nourishing food, as well as winter clothing, pertinent information regarding area services, companionship, and hope for the future. The founders are Ron and Peg Calandra, who are local missionaries. They have nurtured Hearts for the Homeless® from the beginning with a simple goal, to provide a nutritional meal to those less fortunate and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without straying from the original goal, Hearts has evolved into a full-fledged ministry that reaches thousands every year.

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    P: (407) 319-4211

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  • Holy Socks Outreach

    Holy Socks is a local nonprofit that exists to help the homeless in the Tampa Bay area. By going out on the streets, we build relationships with those who are homeless. While establishing these relationships, we can find out what their needs are. We also provide a new pair of socks, water and a snack with those we meet while we are out. In believing that the homeless also need spiritual healing, we also include prayer as a priority when we hit the streets. Our love of Christ shines brightly everywhere we go.

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    P: (813) 863-6305

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  • Hope Community Services

    We will be distributing hygiene kits to 500 students and 100 homeless adults. These hygiene kits will help to raise self esteem while also educating these clients on the importance of hygiene and providing them with the tools they need.

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    P: (330) 261-6104

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  • Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition

    The Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition works in communities across Iowa to provide education and services to prevent the spread of hepatitis C and HIV. Many of our program participants are homeless, unemployed, and/or uninsured/underinsured. We provide linkage into housing assistance, health care services, and drug treatment programs. We also provide overdose prevention services, including free Naloxone, a medicine which reverses an opiate overdose. Health care and hygiene products are a constant need for our clients, and hope to provide more and more resources to make life safer and more comfortable.

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    P: 641- 230-1141

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  • Jewish Renaissance Foundation AmeriCorps

    Our organization is the Jewish Renaissance Foundation that is located in Perth Amboy. We focus on providing programs and services that build the capacity of the community including health and human services, community development, and youth programs. As part of our mission to engage community youth and build the capacity of the community we will be holding an event in April that engages one of the schools in our community.

    Our event in April is called Pay It Forward that focuses on small acts of kindness that students can do for others. Our theme for this event is Hope For the Homeless, where the students will be participating in activities that can assist the homeless population in the community. One of these activities is creating self-care bags for the homeless that include lotion, skin care, shampoo and other necessities that they are not fortunate enough to have. Our organization and those that we are assisting in the community would greatly appreciate any donation of self care.

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    P: (732) 324-2114

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  • Light The Night

    The purpose of Light the Night is to inspire folks to be involved, provide a listening ear, and show compassion. We plan to dispatch groups of volunteers with care packages throughout downtown San Francisco to distribute to people without homes. Groups are mostly composed of young adults and teenagers who are eager to help out their community. Each handmade care package contains basic necessities such as socks, a sandwich, and a warm drink. This also enables members to initiate conversations, showing love and compassion to our community.

    A much requested item we get from the people that we talk to are toothbrushes. We would like to be able to provide dental hygiene products to people that might not be able to have access to them.

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    P: (415) 781-0401

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  • Live and Learn Program

    Live and Learn is an economic empowerment program committed to helping women impacted by poverty and violence.
    We believe education and training are the fundamental change-agents for this under-served population. Our mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty for women through life-skills and career training that affords real opportunities for financial self-sufficiency.

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    P: (602) 583-7052

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  • McCormick Tribune YMCA

    The mission of the YMCA of Metro Chicago is to develop strong children, families and communities across Metropolitan Chicago through academic readiness, character development, violence prevention, and fitness and healthy living. Our mission reflects the far-reaching impact of our programs and services in building stronger and healthier communities. We envisioned more vibrant and compassionate neighborhoods where the Y is seen as an essential leader in making our city a world-class place to live and raise a family.
    Every year, the McCormick Tribune YMCA, a membership center of the YMCA of Metro Chicago, hosts a Halloween event for over 300 individuals. Because Halloween traditionally has candy, we would love to be able to provide families with oral health support and education. As well as get kids excited to brush their teeth.

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    P: (773) 235-2525

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  • Mobile Loaves-Twin Cities

    With dignity and respect, our caring volunteers prepare and deliver wholesome meals, clothing and hygiene products to our homeless and working poor brothers and sisters. Armed with fresh warm sandwiches, fruit and needed hygiene products, the catering truck ventures out into the community four or five evenings a week to serve those in need. There is no cost to the families or individuals for the goods provided.

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    P: (651) 688-6498

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  • Mountain Park Health Center

    Mountain Park Health Center offers Dental services to low income families and volunteers throughout the year at various off site functions. A majority of our patients are enrolled in Medicaid (AHCCCS) or are uninsured and we do not turn patients away for inability to pay. At our Christown/YMCA location we like to educate parents on the importance of early childhood prevention and donate toothbrushes at these functions.We are currently also planning a “back-to-school back pack” giveaway at the Goodyear location for children ages 5-13.

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    P: (602) 323-3254

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    At NATIVE HEALTH, we strive to provide the best health care available for urban American Indians, Alaska Natives, and other individuals who generally experience barriers to holistic, patient-centered, culturally sensitive health and wellness services.

    NATIVE HEALTH currently provides a wide range of programs, including primary medical, dental, behavorial health, WIC, health promotion and prevention programs.

    Mission: NATIVE HEALTH provides holistic, patient-centered, culturally sensitive health and wellness services.

    Vision: Healthy People in Healthy Communities.

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    P: (602) 279-5262

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  • Nebraska Mission of Mercy

    The Nebraska Mission of Mercy program provides care to the uninsured, the under-insured and anyone who otherwise has difficulty getting to a dentist. Those who show up for care, children and adults, and don’t have any medically compromising condition that would prohibit them from receiving care are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Originating in Virginia and spreading throughout the United States, Mission of Mercy dental programs have provided 100,000 patients with nearly $50 million in free dental services and treatment since 2000.

    Our Actions:
    Provide access to basic dental care services at no charge to anyone regardless of financial need.
    No person turned away as long as we are physically able to see them.

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    P: (402) 330-8460

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  • Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health

    From Scottsdale to Phoenix, NOAH serves the North East Valley providing affordable,
    high-quality healthcare services. Serving over 10,000 neighbors, our model of care
    places patients’ needs at the center of attention as we deliver comprehensive health
    services including medical, dental, behavioral health, nutrition, prenatal care, speech,
    preventive health, eligibility assistance and health education programs.
    Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality healthcare for our community.
    Our vision is to be a community health leader in:
    • Providing accessible and affordable healthcare
    • Offering patient-centered and compassionate service
    • Improving health outcomes
    • Educating patients and healthcare professionals
    • Ensuring efficient and effective use of resources
    Our full range of providers offer the highest quality, compassionate care in the
    following areas:
    • Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Immunizations, Prenatal Care, Nutrition, Vision/Hearing, Eligibility.

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    P: (480) 882-6814

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  • Oral Cancer Foundation

    Our family, in conjunction with the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), is holding our fourth 5K Walk/Run on April 14, 2018 at Sligo-Dennis Avenue Park, Silver Spring, MD, to benefit OCF. This event is held in memory of our son, Peter, who died of oral cancer, aged 24. The goal of this event is to raise awareness of the warning signs of oral cancer, a cancer on the rise, especially among young people. There will be dentists offering free oral cancer screenings, an address by an oral cancer survivor, plus music, a raffle and a barbecue. This event is 100% volunteer organized and staffed and all proceeds benefit OCF, a 501(c)(3) organization. For details and registration, please visit: The toothbrushes we are requesting would be included in the event bags of our first 250 participants. Last year, our event had over 500 people come out to join us and learn about the warning signs of oral cancer.

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    P: (202) 232-4389

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  • Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry

    Our mission is to ensure that every child has good oral health. We accomplish this by providing no-cost, on-site preventative and restorative quality dental care to uninsured, underinsured and insured children. Every child with AHCCCS insurance is helping the uninsured child in your community receive much needed dental care for FREE. At this time, we are a children’s dental clinic only, with hopes that in the future we will become a family dental practice. We need the help of the Murphy community to make this happen.

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    P: (602) 353-5435

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  • Poore Free Medical Clinic/Sid Davis Memorial Dental Clinic

    The Sid Davis Memorial Dental Clinic is the dental portion of the overseeing non-profit Poore Free Medical Clinic. The Poore Clinic is missioned to serve the uninsured and financially compromised population of Coconino County in need of medical and dental treatment.

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    P: (928) 266-1540

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  • Project for Pride in Living

    Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering low-income people to become self-reliant through integrated services. Our mission: PPL builds the hope, assets, and self-reliance of individuals and families who have lower incomes by providing transformative affordable housing and employment readiness services. PPL began as an affordable housing developer in 1972, and has since become a robust multi-service agency that today serves more than 13,000 low-income people annually. PPL has had significant organizational transformations throughout our history. Response to community need is the root of these evolutions.

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    P: (612) 455-5119

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  • Ricky’s Hope Inc

    Rickys Hope Inc was founded in 2010 as a service to the growing population of homeless families within North Carolina. Each season Ricky’s Hope Inc sponsors a community event providing food and toiletry items to the homeless and displaced members of our community. We operate within Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas (Wendell, NC). Please help us in assisting our less fortunate community members as they prepare themselves for the summer months.

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    P: (919) 763-6008

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  • River Cities United Way

    River Cities United Way partners with the various school districts throughout Mohave and La Paz Counties to serve the kids and families that are homeless and low income through their Kids Bright and Healthy Program. This program offers students assistance with medical, dental, and vision care needs at discount or free depending on the need. Smile kits (tooth brush, tooth paste, and dental floss) are provided for use at health awareness events, school nurses for distribution to those in need, and to various local student backpack programs during their health awareness months.

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    P: (928) 855-6333

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  • ROOTS Young Adult Shelter

    ROOTS Young Adult Shelter is the largest emergency overnight shelter in King County, serving 45 young people a night. In addition to a safe place to sleep, we also offer a warm meal, access to showers and hygiene items, as well as case management and jobs training programs. We understand the importance of dental hygiene for overall health and well-being, which is why we would like to be able to offer each of our guests a toothbrush as needed.

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    P: (206) 632-1635

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  • Rural Health Services

    We travel to different schools, migrant camps, and participate in community outreach to provide oral health to those in need. We see a range of patients in age and nationality throughout the week. To be able to provide the necessary supplies to help those achieve better oral health would make a world of difference.

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    P: (706) 799-4986

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  • San Carlos Head Start

    Our Head Start Program serves low income families and we encourage healthy hygiene during our classroom activity daily. Every donation helps with our 233 children that we serve in San Carlos Apache Tribe. Thank you.

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    P: (928) 475-2740

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  • Sarah’s Circle

    Sarah’s Circle is a refuge for women who are homeless or in need of a safe space. By providing life necessities, housing, case management, clinical and social services, we encourage women to empower themselves by rebuilding both emotionally and physically; realizing their unique potential.
    The Daytime Support Center is a safe and welcoming community for any woman in need, whether street homeless, doubled up with friends or family, formerly homeless, struggling with domestic violence, or simply low-income and in need of community. Services include basic necessities, such as food, bathrooms, showers, laundry, telephone, computers with internet access, and an address for mail; educational and general interest programming on a variety of topics; individualized case management; and housing coordination.

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    P: (773) 751-7454

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  • Shelter Association of Washtenaw County

    The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County is a homeless shelter located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Shelter Association is recognized as an organization which best meets the needs of adults experiencing homelessness, and it operates 24/7 365 days a year. They are not just a shelter, but also a resource to help find employment and affordable housing. One of the main things that gets neglected is oral health care, and supplies for proper care is often unaffordable. Thus providing them with basic supplies to maintain oral health would have a major impact.

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    P: (248) 930-6614

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  • Showered and Empowered, Inc.

    We provide mobile shower and laundry facilities to the homeless communities in the Tampa Bay Area. There are approximately 1800 homeless clients in Hillsborough county and approximately 2500 in Pinellas county. Although we can not serve all of these clients, we strive to do our best. With a warm shower and clean clothes we would like to provide our clients with a tooth brush and tooth paste for we know oral hygiene is very important also.

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    P: (813) 575-2057

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  • Sojourner Center

    Sojourner Center, one of the largest domestic violence shelter in the United States, is committed to transforming lives. Since 1977, Sojourner Center has provided shelter and support services to hundreds of thousands of women and children affected by domestic violence. Sojourner Center provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, domestic violence education, safety planning, lay-legal advocacy, case management, a child development center, 24-hour crisis hotline, referral services, community education, pet companion shelter and healthcare through an on-site clinic.

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    P: (602) 296-3346

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  • Somebody Loves Me, Inc

    Somebody Loves Me, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 organization focused on helping those less fortunate in Northeast Tennessee. We have successfully provided shoes, clothing and gifts for underprivileged children through our Christmas for Our Children Program since 2013.

    We recently conducted a community assessment to determine the unmet needs of children in our area. Of the 34 elementary, middle, and high schools that participated in our survey, 2,944 children (21%) of the 13,962 enrolled were in need of shoes, clothing and/or personal care items. 29 Head Start centers also participated in our survey and 349 (67%) of their 523 currently enrolled students, were in need of shoes and clothing.

    When children’s essential needs such as shoes and clothing are not met, this can have a direct negative impact on their school success. Our goal is to provide these children with the opportunity to succeed by meeting their essential needs of shoes, clothing, and personal care items.

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    P: (423) 345-4055

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  • St. Elizabeth’s Health Center

    St. Elizabeth’s Health Center is committed to providing high-quality, affordable dental care to underserved and uninsured persons of Southern Arizona.

    Who We Serve: Individuals & Families, Infants to Elderly.

    Services: Dental cleanings, Restorative care, Simple oral surgery, Crowns, Extractions, Dentures and partials, Emergency dental care, Pediatric dental services


    Visit Website

    P: 520-770-8529

    1440 / 5040 - 29% Fulfilled
  • St. Vincent de Paul Piper Clinic

    St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix has supported a dental clinic since 1994. Basic services such as x-rays, cleanings, fillings and extractions are provided without charge. A number of patients also benefit from more advanced services such as dentures, root canals, crowns, implants, and orthodontics. Patients who can participate with a modest co-pay for advanced services, as many are able to do so when the cost is predictable and payments are accepted. The Dental Clinic also collaborates with other organizations to provide restorative services for low-income children who are excluded from state health insurance programs. With the help of volunteers, last year the SVdP Clinic provided 2,490 visits for adult dental patients and 4,866 visits for pediatric dental patients.

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    P: (602) 261-6866

    1152 / 1152 - 100% Fulfilled
  • Sun Life Family Health Center

    Sun Life is a non profit 501 (c)(3) federally qualified health center that operates a family dentistry clinic and pediatric dental office in Casa Grande, Arizona. The majority of the patients served at these practices are low-income and/or uninsured. Additionally, the Organization implements two dental outreach programs that target low income children attending elementary schools as well as those living in remote rural communities in Pinal County. Sun Life provides oral health screening, fluoride varnish application, dental sealant and oral health education services to children age 18 and younger through these outreach programs. Sun Life will distribute the donated toothbrushes to participants of the dental outreach programs. Additionally, Sun Life distributes toothbrushes to participants attending free oral health education sessions during community outreach events held throughout the County.

    Visit Website

    P: (520) 381-0381

    288 / 1296 - 23% Fulfilled
  • Sunshine Acres Children’s Home, Inc.

    Sunshine Acres is a non-profit home for children who are separated from their parents for many reasons. They are a full-time, year-round Christian home for children who might otherwise be homeless. They take no State or Federal money and have never turned a child away because there was no money for their care. Sunshine Acres has, since 1954, given over 1900 children the chance for a better life.

    Our mission is to provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents, and to help them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures preparing them for success in adult life.

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    P: (480) 832-2540

    432 / 432 - 100% Fulfilled
  • Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic

    Clinic Mission and Overview
    The mission of the Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic is to provide preventative and corrective dental services to the underserved in the communities of Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties. SRVDHC operates as a non-profit clinic to minimize the cost of care to patients by maintaining an operational and fiscally sound business model.

    The Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic accepts individuals with PA Access coverage for dental care as well as PA Medicaid Managed Care under Ameri-Health (SCION), AETNA (DentaQuest) and Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger CHIPS (Avesis) MCO plans. The clinic also provides services to uninsured individuals seeking emergency dental treatment. Emergency treatment is provided for a flat fee which is augmented by generous donations and grants. Patients are seen on an appointment basis. Walk-ins will only be seen when scheduling permits.

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    P: (570) 286-7500

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  • The Dream Builders Project

    The Dream Builders Project in Los Angeles is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to make a positive difference in the community. The Dream Builders Project is involved in several social justice causes including homelessness, environmental awareness, human trafficking, education, and child abuse and neglect.

    We have an upcoming event in January. At this event, The Dream Builders Project team and volunteers will come together to assemble and distribute 200 care packages to the homeless community of Los Angeles. We are currently seeking toothbrushes that can be included in the care packages.

    Visit Website

    P: (323) 375-3747

    288 / 288 - 100% Fulfilled
  • The Flying Samaritans

    The Arizona Flying Samaritans is a volunteer, nonsectarian, health oriented organization serving and working with the medical, optometry and dental personnel in remote areas of Baja California Mexico to help supplement medical care for the local populations. The Flying Samaritans is a not-for-profit organization and includes chapters which operate 3 clinics in Baja Mexico. The Phoenix Chapter, based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, was formed in 1991. Currently the Phoenix Chapter provides medical and dental care in Baja California Sur, Mexico at Puerto Adolfo López Mateos and dental care at Laguna San Ignacio. The Tucson Chapter provides medical and dental care in Baja California Norte at El Rosario. They also do a drive to clinic in Agua Prieta just over the border in Sonora Mexico.

    The Flying Samaritans rely totally on volunteer participation. We currently use medical physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, EMTs, etc.

    Visit Website

    P: 602-320-5780

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  • The Nest Music Conservatory, Inc.

    The Nest Music Conservatory Center provides after school and out-of-school programs to youth of the North East Bronx. We host several events that promote proper oral hygiene practices and would like to provide the families with tooth brushes and tooth paste or whatever can be provided. Thank you.

    Visit Website

    P: (718) 994-6378

    0 / 288 - 0% Fulfilled
  • The Pink Berets

    The Pink Berets operates primarily within the San Antonio, TX area and is a 501c3 designated nonprofit organization with a sole purpose to provide aid and therapy to female veterans, first responders, and protective services who are suffering from PTSD, military sexual trauma and combat trauma stress. We provide these services at no cost to our participants.

    We will be partnering with the American GI Forum- National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP) of San Antonio on November 2nd, 2018 to provide survival kits to the female veterans during the 21st Annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans of San Antonio. Our survival kits will include items such as, snack food items, personal hygiene items, feminine hygiene items and other small items that would be beneficial to homeless female veterans.

    Visit Website

    P: (678) 863-7355

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  • The Second Beginning

    The Second Beginning MISSION:

    The Second Beginning is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing
    help for those in need and those in despair.


    The Second Beginning’s outcomes and persistent advocacy for people in need,
    especially those facing poverty and despair in the community.

    Visit Website

    P: (251) 649-6226

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  • The Southern Center For Choice Theory

    At the Southern Center for Choice Theory, we are assisting in the creation of environments free of violence through preventive and supportive counseling, education, research, and advocacy. We aspire to positively impact out community by helping individuals learn to eliminate the use of violence in all relationships.


    SCCT offers a clothes closet for children in need, and children who are entering into foster care and we want to provide them with all of their needs. We are hoping to be able to offer dental hygiene supplies in this closet to help care holistically for these children.

    Visit Website

    P: (478) 741-1268

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  • Unatego Middle School

    We are a low income, high need school. A very big part of being successful in school is taking care of your health. So often, dental hygiene is not seen as an important part of our health and well being. If it were possible to provide EVERY SINGLE STUDENT with a free toothbrush during the year it would encourage them to take care of their dental hygiene, while taking another financial burden off of so many families. A gesture that may seem small to some families would be huge for others.

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    P: (607) 988-5036

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  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy

    Every spring break, students from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy participate in international health outreach trips to various countries to provide acute care to under served villages. The particular trip that our team will be going on is heading to Matagalpa, Nicaragua. All medications and supplies are provided with many different fundraising efforts put together by us students. Last year, we had toothbrushes donated to our trip, and it was a joy to be able to see smiles on the children’s faces with just being able to give them a toothbrush also while educating them on the importance of practicing good hygiene. With your generous donation of toothbrushes, we want to see it through that this continues on our trip this year.

    Visit Website

    P: 850-221-8495

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  • University of Washington Global Medical Brigades

    Global Medical Brigades is the non-profit chapter at University of Washington Seattle.  Our next medical brigades are focused on communities in Nicaragua where we provide free medical and dental care, as well as provide them with essential medication. Our mission is to ensure our patients are aware of how to practice proper hygiene both for their own good and the collective good of the community, and allow them to have access to medical care otherwise unattainable.  We are a non-profit organization, all of our resources are donation-based and currently we are looking for toothbrush donations that we can use to give out to locals to help fight the spread of infectious diseases as well prevent locals from becoming ill from diseases that are preventable through better hygiene practice.

    Visit Website

    P: 206-489-4798

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  • Velda Rose United Methodist Women

    Our United Methodist Women have an annual Christmas stocking project where over 500 stockings are designed, put together, filled, and distributed to low income children who are in need of a little “love” during the holidays. We fill the stockings with necessities: food bars, tooth brushes, tooth paste, small bars of soap – along with a coloring book, crayons, and a small stuffed animal. For some of these children , our stockings are the only gift they receive during the holidays. We try to promote healthy giving. Helping these children with their teeth is just one small thing we can do for them.

    Visit Website

    P: (480) 832-2111

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  • Victorious Life of Faith Church

    Victorious Life of Faith Church Outreach Ministry provides dental kits to the community. During community day we pass out food to the homeless and provide holiday baskets to the rehab center in our community.

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    P: (240) 604-4189

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  • William Sherman Winseman Foundation

    The William Sherman Winseman Foundation which was founded in 1960 is dedicated to creating awareness and educational opportunities for children and the elderly. This project focuses on helping the less fortunate with a monthly simple meal and a personal hygiene kit. The donations that we receive will be given to those in need so that they can have good oral hygiene. Kids will also get the chance to learn the importance of brushing their teeth. In doing this project we want to make sure some basic needs are being met. Kits will include a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and lip moisturizer.

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    P: (626) 310-3131

    576 / 1872 - 31% Fulfilled
  • WVU Global Medical and Dental Brigades

    WVU Global Medical and Dental Brigades is a student-led organization that travels to a resource-reduced region of the world every year to provide pro-bono medical and dental consultation alongside local doctors. This year, we’re traveling to a rural part of Nicaragua near Matagalpa. As an organization we continue to grow, and last year we saw over 2,000 patients within the span of four days in our clinics. Dental health is something that is often neglected and overlooked in the highly impoverished regions of the world that we travel to, so we tend to focus on it in our message to the people and the supplies we bring to help them. With your donation of toothbrushes, we’d be able to provide more citizens with the tools they need to maintain their oral hygiene and lead healthy lifestyles.

    Visit Website

    P: (304) 672-0992

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    We are a non-profit childcare facility, serving our local community. We currently have 200+ children in our childcare program and would like to send home new tooth brushes to each family, especially during this season of candy and treats!

    Visit Website

    P: (717) 845-2631

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