Dental Charity Spotlight – CASS and Parsons

You know those people you meet and they immediately have an impact on your life?

Meet Dr. Kris Volcheck:


We had the privilege of meeting the director of the CASS Dental Clinic March 30th. Initially, we imagined this as a nice, quaint, dental charity clinic serving the underprivileged (which would have been great!). What we encountered though was a multi-faceted facility complete with housing, a medical clinic, dental clinic and kitchen.

Dr. Volcheck shared that this clinic has grown from a field with a trailer to a one stop place for everyone’s needs.


They can proudly say they are an open clinic now and can take anyone in that needs dental and medical attention. Residents can stay up to 6 months at the CASS shelter and receive attention for all their needs. It was truly remarkable to see this place Dr. Volcheck affectionately likened to “creating a village” where people look out for one another and offer support.


RootsCause at CASS


Not to mention, their sustainable business model really is a work of art. Dr. Volcheck has worked his magic and helped develop a highly efficient way to run these clinics. With a certain amount of insured patients they are able to sustain the financial burden of providing dental services to the uninsured. They are able to treat the whole family and not just one specific population and are expanding to serve the working poor.

The Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry at Murphy Unified School District is no exception. High tech and efficiently designed, they have 10 chairs and project they will serve over 15,000 children next year. They are one of the first dental sites to offer free breakfast and lunch to families when they come to bring their children for dental care.


Parsons Clinic


Parsons is known for their pediatric dentistry specialists. Their Program, “Get a Smile, Give a Smile” allows uninsured children to be provided dental care through the insured children that come to the clinic. If that wasn’t remarkable enough, they have a uniquely tailored clinic with rooms for families to wait with their children as their kids receive anesthesia and dental work. Each chair also has a television playing children movies on the ceiling.  Not only do these kids get the best dental care, but they get to have fun too!

We were truly blown away by these extraordinary group of people and are honored to partner with them to make a difference in the community. If you want to donate toothbrushes to CASS and Parsons Dental Clinics, you can do so through your own purchase of toothbrushes right here on!




Want to learn more? Visit CASS Dental Clinic and Murphy Kids Dental Clinic websites.