Donated Toothbrushes to Sunshine Acres

Sunshine Acres, a charity featured on our website, reached their donation goal last week and it was our privilege to deliver their donated toothbrushes to them. We were particularly touched by their story as I’m sure you will be as well.

Since their start in 1954 they’ve been home to more than 1,600 children. Their founders, Rev. James and Vera Dingman, affectionately known as Uncle Jim and Aunt Vera, prayed for over 17 years to have a home to care for children that no one wanted. For years the dream for caring for children was alive in their hearts even though funds were short. All that changed when in 1953, they found an abandoned boys ranch and knew that was where they were going to start their “Miracle in the Desert” as they call it.

All the buildings on the 125 Acres of land on the desert they found were broken down and in desperate need of repair. Vera explained later, “That day we both felt that we should never solicit money, a board or a brick, and that no child would ever be turned away for financial reasons. God impressed upon us very strongly that this was His work. We were to take care of the children, and He would take care of the finances.”

Ever since 1953, they have never solicited for any donations or money. They have reported that God has provided for their every single need and they have never had to turn a child away for lack of finances. They really are a “miracle in the desert” and their story is one of inspiring faith and courage to follow this path that was placed on their hearts so many years before. The evidence of their prayers and dedication is seen today in the many lives they have touched and changed.

Sunshine Acres operates as a community. They have a series of beautiful homes that house children with house parents that create a family like atmosphere. Everything revolves around helping the kids heal and thrive. Sunshine Acres takes care of all the children’s needs for as along as they are a part of their community well into their college years ensuring they have the best start to their future.

Through even more recent donations, they have plans for a beautiful aquatic center to replace the one they were force to close down after 40 years of use. Stories like these remind us that there really are good people making a real difference for the better in our world. Here is a short video of our visit to drop off Sunshine Acres donated toothbrushes.

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Often we run into charities needing their donations faster than it can be fulfilled. If you are a charity featured on our site and this applies to you, we encourage all our charities to do several things to speed up the one for one donation process.

  1. Spread the word! Let people know that they can donate to your charity on simply by their own purchase of toothbrushes.
  2. Let social media work for you and highlight the opportunity to your followers to donate toothbrushes. A lot of times there are dentists and dental professionals following your charity that would love to donate if they had known they could.
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