More than a toothbrush

a RootsCause toothbrush helps those in need

Together We Can

RootsCause started with a simple observation. Our healthcare system is broken and millions across the country cannot afford dental care. Families shouldn't have to share a toothbrush. We asked ourselves if we could help. We can, with your help. Every RootsCause toothbrush helps someone in your local community. You choose where the impact happens. Together we can make a bigger difference.

Available in 4 stunning colors

and a size for all - youth, junior & adult

The more you give, the more you save


1 LYN Toothbrush

  • Includes FREE Shipping
  • Select Size & Color
  • Donate 1 toothbrush

5 LYN Toothbrushes

$3.87 per brush
  • Includes FREE Shipping
  • Select Size & Color for Each Brush
  • Buy 5 and Save 48% off
  • Donate 5 toothbrushes

10 LYN Toothbrushes

$2.97 per brush
  • Includes FREE Shipping
  • Select Size & Color for Each Brush
  • Buy 10 and Save 60% off
  • Donate 10 toothbrushes

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Frequently Asked Questions

RootsCause, what's that?
RootsCause is an organization that makes donating to charities easy and simple! Whenever you buy a toothbrush (or 3 or 10) RootsCause donates the same amount of toothbrushes to a charity of your choice. Yepp, you get to choose! We have causes and charities listed on our website needing supplies for those in need.
Where do I get to donate to the causes?
After you pick your toothbrushes and go through the checkout process, you'll be taken to a page that lets you select a cause to donate to! Check back on the Charity page and you'll see your donation amount has been noted on the charity's donation goal.
When will the cause I donate to get their toothbrushes?
Every cause has a goal/annual need listed. Whenever that goal is reached RootsCause sends their toothbrushes all at once. Could be tomorrow or could be 4 months from now – just depends on how many people are choosing that charity. If you want to speed up the process feel free to buy more brushes or share RootsCause with other people who can make a difference!
Is there a way I can read about the causes?
We have put together a showcase page that has a bio for each cause connected with RootsCause. In their bio, they have a short description of their organization, their need and contact info. All you need to do is browse our list of causes and choose one that you want to support!
Can I suggest a cause to feature on your Charity page?

Of course! Just contact us with the name of the charity and some contact info to help us get connected with them. Even better, you could reach out to them and let them know about RootsCause by sending them the request page – it’s absolutely free for them!

Can I only give to one cause?
At this time you can pick only 1 cause per checkout – we hope to enhance this feature in the future. In the meantime, feel free to select another cause with your next purchase.
How can I connect further with causes?
On our Charity page, we have a website and phone number for each organization just for this reason! Feel free to click around and get to know the cause you are giving to even better.
Can I only donate toothbrushes?

In the future, RootsCause hopes to expand to other need areas in addition to dental as they arise in our communities. For now, we only facilitate the donations of toothbrushes for practical needs. Expect a general “donate” button in the near future though to give monetarily in addition to toothbrushes.