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Frequently Asked Questions

RootsCause, what's that?
RootsCause is an organization that makes donating to charities easy and simple! Whenever someone buys a toothbrush, RootsCause donates the same amount of toothbrushes to a charity the customer chooses from at checkout. We have causes and charities showcased on our website that people can read about and choose to donate to. It's a one for one model that we're pretty excited about.
How does RootsCause help my organization?
RootsCause partners with awesome Dental Professionals and individuals in your community to give your organization the opportunity to receive the toothbrushes you need in your outreach to the underserved, for free.  We are here to serve your mission!
Do causes have to pay anything?
Nope, not a thing!  There isn't a membership fee, a listing fee, or even shipping fees.  No fees.  You get to just fill out your need, and upon approval from our team, your cause will be visible for people to see and donate to.  It's that simple.
When will my organization receive the free toothbrushes?

We send out your toothbrushes once the entire need is met.  If you put annual need of 2,000 - we send you 2,000 toothbrushes all at once when that giving goal is reached. 

How will people know about our cause?
When you fill out the request form, we feature your cause on our Charity page where Roots customers can read your bio, search for relevant causes, and scroll through a full list. The causes are also all listed in the checkout area for easy selection once their order is complete.
Can we only request toothbrushes?

At this time, toothbrushes is the only thing available for request. In the future, RootsCause hopes to expand to other need areas in addition to dental as they arise in our communities. 

What if our need isn't met?

We understand that certain goals take time. If too much time passes without your need being met, we'd love to talk with you and see if the need amount needs to be adjusted so you receive your needed supplies sooner. Please contact us if you think your number count was a little too robust and need to adjust it. 

What if we need to update our bio?

We are working on a profile that causes can manage and update, but until then, feel free to contact us if you need to update anything for your organization.