How Your Practice Can Stand Out From The Crowd – Dental Tips

Imagine a world where everything was the same and your choices were made for you. As you walked down the street every building was the identical shape, size, and color. Every restaurant had only one menu with one choice, a pile of grey tasteless mush filled with your daily nutrients. As you look around everyone is wearing matching clothes with a bored expression etched across their faces. What if this was your reality? We have countless movie directors and authors concocting worlds like these to terrify us. This would be a nightmarish existence, right?

Well, thankfully this is not reality. In fact, our reality is quite different these days. On average, we have to make over 35,000 decisions in a single day. That can stem from what to get at the grocery store, to what to wear for the day. Our society celebrates uniqueness; in fact we are attracted to it. Our minds are stimulated with options and choices that cater to our own desires every second. So, when we look at something, whether that is an advertising sign or commercial, we have a choice to make, almost instantly, whether we like or dislike whatever the product is.

What does that mean for your dental practice? Well, a person can decide as soon as they walk in if they will ever come back or not. Before you even touch their teeth, decisions that affect your practice have been made. So, why should I choose your dental practice? More importantly, after I come once, why should I come back? If you cannot answer these questions confidently, let these dental tips be the first step for you to learn what makes your practice unique.

Discovering your niche within the dental market itself can easily lead to bigger and better opportunities for you and your practice. Are you specialized in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or laser procedures? Do some research as to what dental procedures may be lacking in your local community. What are people looking for and aren’t getting? Once you settle on what you want to highlight to your patients, this can be solidified by having a strong online presence.

For example, if your practice has the most up to date technology to provide patients with the highest service possible, you want that information to be found and easily accessible. Make a tagline or slogan that combines your business’s overall theme and goals of your practice. What’s great with using social media and having an online presence is you can put that tagline on everything you post out into the world whether it’s a digital mailer, ad or blog post. This will take time, but with persistence and quality content, people will begin to take notice. This strategy can really provide a solid foundation for your practice to build upon year after year.

One of the more important factors will be creating trust and influence with your patients regarding your niche. Show them you are a source of information and not just after their money. Some people are already terrified of going to the dentist; they don’t need to feel like they are a walking dollar sign as soon as they step into your practice. Your patients should walk out of your office with not only a healthier and brighter smile, but they should feel like they were taken care of, not taken advantage of. When trust and confidence is gained with your patients, they quickly become your greatest salesperson on your team. Anyone they know who needs the service you provide will soon be given your name.

The bottom line is that you care about your patients’ health and well-being. You have a degree with years of experience to show for it. Whether it’s simply creating a monthly blog post about how to care about oral health, or offering advice when you are with a patient, it’s key to communicate your expertise. Why is that? Well, because we are living in a consuming society, fueled by new choices every single day, people simply want to know what will help them and their health the most, and you have the answers.