The underserved.

Dentists already need toothbrushes, why not provide a way for them to buy what they need while donating to the under-served at the same time?

We connect with causes and non-profits needing dental supplies and showcase their stories. This in turn provides a place for dental professionals to learn about and donate to causes they may not have been aware of otherwise.

Vision 2020.

You are invited to help make a difference.

By 2020, we want to donate 20 Million toothbrushes to those in need.

If we are able to meet this goal, 40 Million people can be reached
all because we decided to love our neighbors.

A toothbrush bought with RootsCause not only empowers individuals
to start preventing and reversing oral decay, it helps amazing
organizations in your community by giving them much needed
resources to do what they do best, help those in need.

Together, we can make a bigger difference.

Supporting Causes

Many causes are underfunded and lack the necessary supplies
to effectively help those in need.

Partnering with RootsCause means you are partnering with organizations who are actively trying to make a difference in their community.

Practically sending supplies is a great way to support the amazing work causes are actively engaged in.

Join us.

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