Why Branding is Important for Dentists

Believe it or not, all dentists are not created equal. Every dental practice is unique, but this is overlooked by most patients when looking for a new dentist. Why? Well, because like with most businesses, if you don’t stand out, then you’re only another face in a crowd of millions. To have a successful brand means your practice will have a significantly better chance to be noticed externally and heard internally.

Before you can build a relationship, business or personal, you first need to be seen. To be seen is so vital for any business to thrive in a tight market. The first step in being recognized begins with a professional and attractive logo; most already know and desire this. But, to be seen takes much more. A brand is not only a logo or a word; although it’s important and we will discuss this later, but it is the value, the promise, and the identity of your dental practice that makes up your brand.


Are we talking about the company value in monetary terms or the values? Both are important. To establish a good value for your services, there needs to be set values acting as a foundation for your brand. For any part of your brand to achieve what you want it to with an outside audience, it first needs to have value for yourself and your employees. According to, RightNow’s Customer Experience Impact Report, “89% of consumers will stop doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.”

Your employees are on the front line for your practice, and they can be either a primary asset or a distraction. Create values worth following, so employees understand where your vision leads. Create values worth believing, so your patients can trust in your practice. Feel free to check out this interesting article on the importance of brand values here.


The promise of your dental brand is what you produce for the patient. Dentists aim for the same outcome of making teeth healthier, everyone realizes this, but how that is accomplished matters. For the sake of a clear image, pretend your dental practice is a farm. Most farmers have their methods of promising a prosperous, healthy and tasty looking crop to sell and benefit the public. No one likes to eat rotten vegetables even though they may still retain their nutritional value. So, your brand promise is like that successful crop; it will be a major factor, if not the most important reason why patients return to your practice.


Your brand’s identity and image are different, but your image depends on the success of your identity. When thinking about your dental brand identity, clarity is an essential component, because, without clarity, a misconception can form, and now the image that you were trying to avoid through your identity has suddenly been created through a miscommunication. The goal for your brand identity is to communicate your dental brand’s personality and form name recognition to build a loyal customer base. The identity of your brand starts with logos and taglines, especially with a social media presence, (this alone can be discussed on a whole different blog post/book).

The importance of branding for dental professionals can no longer be overlooked. We care about the importance of your business and hope this small post can help you on your personal journey of creating a successful business and brand.